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Preventive Maintenance & Safety Inspections

Regularly scheduled inspections to assess performance standards, electrical safety, calibration verification, and operational functionality of equipment. Maintenance is performed according to NFPA 99 and manufacturers' specifications including replacing filters and worn parts, lubricating, and cleaning.


Electrical Safety Inspections

Performed on electrical equipment that operate on the AC voltage of the facility's power system. Equipment is tested for electrical leakage, faulty wiring, improper grounding, or other malfunctions that would make the unit unsafe to keep in service. 


Performance Inspections

Tests the functional operation and mechanical integrity the equipment.

For more details about GDC's Preventive Maintenance Program, visit FAQ



Electrical Outlet Inspections

Testing of the outlet wiring for proper polarity and grounding. Mechanical retention is also tested to be at least 4 ounces and the outlet is checked for physical integrity.


Bed Entrapment Inspections

Testing beds for the risk of patients getting trapped. Bed rails and headboards will be checked, as well as the spacing between these components and the mattress.

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Incoming Equipment Inspections

Equipment must be inspected prior to being placed in service according to NFPA 99. This applies to newly acquired or used equipment.

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Non-Medical Equipment

Performance and safety testing of patient-owned and facility-owned non-medical equipment, as required by the Department of Health.

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