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How can I be sure the DOH will consider our facility compliant if we use GDC's program?

GDC's program has been accepted by all regulatory and accrediting agencies for over 35 years (including the Joint Commission, DOH, insurance companies, etc.). GDC tests in accordance with the recommendations of the “Standard for Health Care Facilities.”

Does the pricing go up yearly?

No, GDC offers multi-year price stability with its contracts. We also offer discounts to multi-facility groups. Pricing only varies with a change of inventory, up or down.

What type of documentation do you provide?

When you find equipment that needs repair during a preventive maintenance visit does it cost extra to have it repaired?

GDC provides a log book of all equipment histories showing all inspections and repairs, and it is updated after each inspection. We also update inventory listings and provide customized reports to meet your specific needs. In the event of an equipment related lawsuit you can document that you weren’t negligent in maintaining your equipment.

Usually not. Most repairs are simple problems. If we can repair the item while we are on-site there is no labor charge. You pay only for parts used. If we have a more complicated repair, we remove it to our local service center for estimate and repair, if you approve.

What type of equipment can you repair?

Is GDC insured for the work it performs?

Unlike some companies, GDC maintains Completed Operations Insurance (a form of Product Liability Insurance that relates to service companies); this is not the same as General Business Liability Insurance that all businesses carry. On request, GDC will provide a certificate of insurance (COI) with your facility as the named-insured.

Patient lifts, EKG machines, suction pumps, sphygmomanometers, feeding pumps, physical therapy equipment, electric beds, oxygen concentrators, BiPAP machines, CPM machines, scales, defibrillators, and much more. If in doubt please call us.

Do you sell equipment?

How does GDC price its programs?

Our Preventive Maintenance and safety inspection program pricing is driven by the quantity of medical equipment at your facility to be inspected and its frequency of testing.

Only on request. When asked, we review equipment specifications with you and will help you seek out the best price available. 

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